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The most Dangerous Creatures in the Ocean is a book filled with facts about fifteen of the most venomous, poisonous and dangerous creatures that inhabit the oceans across the world.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, the information is easy to read and digest and there's also some wonderful pictures to enjoy too.

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The most Dangerous creatures in the Ocean

Everybody has heard about the dangers of sharks, simply because of their size, power and aggressive nature, but there are also some other creatures in the oceans of the world that you may not have heard of before.

As you will find out below, large and powerful doesn't always spell danger, and we expect you'll be surprised to find out that it's actually some of the smallest creatures in the ocean that happen to be the most dangerous.

Great White Shark Great White Shark
Did you know that sharks were around long before the dinosaurs? Over 400 million years of evolution has created the world's most effective, awesome hunter. Find out more...
tiger_shark Tiger Shark
The Tiger Shark is the second most dangerous shark in the world, a very agressive creature that is responsible for many attacks on humans each year. Find out more...
bull shark Bull Shark
The Bull Shark is a very formidable, powerful predator which enjoys a reputation as being one of the most feared sharks in the ocean. Find out more...
lion fish Lion Fish
The Lion Fish has stripes on the side of it’s body which is what gives it its name. They have large venomous spines on the top of their bodies which will inflict very painful puncture wounds. Find out more...
atlantic torpedo ray Atlantic Torpedo Ray
The Atlantic Torpedo Ray is mostly found living along the coastline in Canada, America, South Africa and the UK, but have also occasionally been seen in open oceans. Find out more...
sting ray Sting Ray
There are around 200 species of Sting Ray throughout the world and the majority of them can give you a nasty sting. The largest can grow up to 2 metres in length and live up to 25 years of age, Find out more...
box jellyfish Box Jellyfish
The very dangerous Box Jellyfish can be found in and around the Australian coastline. It is one of the most dreaded creatures of the oceans and has tentacles which contain extremely dangerous toxins. Find out more...
stone fish Stone Fish
The Stone Fish is the most venomous fish in the world. It has 13 jagged spines running down the length of its back. These venomous spikes are very sharp and can easily piece through the sole of a shoe. Find out more...
puffer fish Puffer Fish
The Puffer Fish, which is also referred to as the blowfish, has developed an ability to inflate itself, whenever it feels threatened. As they are very slow movers they are vulnerable to being attacked while swimming in open waters. Find out more...
sea snake Sea Snake
The Sea Snake is related to the cobra and has adapted to life in the sea just as well as its counterpart has on land. They have modified their lungs which helps them to maintain buoyancy and remain underwater for longer periods of time. Find out more...
salt water crocodile Salt Water Crocodile
The Salt Water Crocodile, which can be found on the northern coast of Australia and south east Asia, is the worlds largest reptile. They have been recorded to grow as large as 10 meters long. Find out more...
moray eel Moray Eel
The Moray Eel is a snake like fish with a scaleless body and is known to be very aggressive and dangerous if threatened. The Giant Moray Eel can grow up to 3 metres long. It has a very large head with razor sharp teeth. Find out more...
textile cone snail Textile Cone Snail
The Textile Cone Snail is one of the most venomous creatures in the sea, in fact it produces some of the most toxic substances known to man, and their sting contains enough venom to kill up to 20 humans!. Find out more...
blue ringed octopus Blue Ringed Octopus
The Blue Ringed Octopus is a tiny little creature that produces one of the most lethal venoms in the ocean, in fact, there is enough toxin inside this miniature octopus to kill at least 30 humans. Find out more...
scorpion fish Scorpion Fish
The Scorpion Fish is in the same family as the Stone Fish and can be found in the tropical waters off the coast of America as well as the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. Find out more...

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The most Dangerous Creatures on Land is a book filled with facts about fifteen of the most venomous, poisonous and dangerous creatures that live all over the world.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, the information is easy to read and digest and there's also some wonderful pictures to enjoy too.

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