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The most Dangerous Creatures in the Ocean is a book filled with facts about fifteen of the most venomous, poisonous and dangerous creatures that inhabit the oceans across the world.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, the information is easy to read and digest and there's also some wonderful pictures to enjoy too.

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The most Dangerous creatures on Land

Be careful where you tread! - dangerous creatures are waiting to bite and sting you, wherever you are, the creatures below are some of the most deadly which attack and injure many thousands of people each year.

As you will find out below, large and powerful doesn't always spell danger, and we expect you'll be surprised to find out that it's actually some of the smallest creatures on the land that happen to be the most dangerous.

Some species of snake are far more venomous that the ones we have chosen, such as the Inland Taipan, but there hasn't been any reported cases of people dying from a bite, so we feel they are not as dangerous as the more common cobra for example, which we would consider more dangerous simply because of the chances of coming into conatct with one.

poison dart frog Poison Dart Frog
The golden poison frog is the largest of the poison dart frogs and also the most lethal, infact it is known to be one of the most poisonous creatures on land. Find out more...
cobra King Cobra
A Cobra is defined as a 'Snake with a Hood'. There are many different types of Cobras throughout the world and they are all are highly venomous snakes which are potentially deadly. Find out more...
carpet viper Carpet Viper
Even the name conjours up danger, the Carpet Viper is responsible for the most attacks on humans and kills more people than any other species of snake. Find out more...
komodo dragon Komodo Dragon
One of the largest living lizards in the world today, the Komodo dragon can reach up to 3.13 metres long, they are found in Indonesia in tropical forests. Find out more...
brazillian wandering spider Brazillian Wandering Spider
The Brazillian Wandering Spider is the most poisonous creature in the world, it is also very aggressive too and highly dangerous to humans. Find out more...
african elephant African Elephant
African elephants can be very confrontational and agressive, even when not being provoked. Weighing up to 12,000 Ib they are best given a very wide berth. Find out more...
hippopotamus Hippopotamus
Very large and very aggressive the hippo is responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. They are very defensive of their territories. Find out more...
death stalker scorpion Death Stalker Scorpion
The Deathstalker Scorpion is known to have one of the most potent venoms out of all the Scorpion species. It is very unpredictable and This can be a very aggressive.Find out more...
mosquito Mosquito
The tiny, irritating Mosquito may be small but with the potential to carry and transfer diseases directly into your blood stream, often undetected, make it one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Find out more...
tse fly Tse Fly
Again small but deadly, the Tse Fly carries a parasite that, if enters your body, will cause a slow, agonizing and certain death, commonly refered to as 'Sleeping Sickness. Find out more...
african lion African Lion
African lions are one of the most feared animals in the world. The sheer size, weight and confrontational nature of these majestic beasts make them highly dangerous. Find out more...
crocodile Crocodile
Many species of Crocodiles can be found throughout the world and each one is as deadly as the next. Millions of years of evolution has created a mean, ruthless killing machine. Find out more...
polar bear Polar Bear
Polar bears are hunters and anything that it comes across will become the hunted. Than includes humans. Although people have been killed by Polar Bears, attacks are few and far between. Find out more...
cape buffalo Cape Buffalo
The Cape Buffalo is a very dangerous creature and best given a very wide berth. They are responsible for many human deaths in Africa each year. Find out more...
asian hornet Asian Giant Hornet
An Asian Giant Hornet sting injects a very potent venom which causes the deaths of 40 people each year in Japan alone. Find out more...

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The most Dangerous Creatures on Land is a book filled with facts about fifteen of the most venomous, poisonous and dangerous creatures that live all over the world.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, the information is easy to read and digest and there's also some wonderful pictures to enjoy too.

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